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Getting clients to the top and keeping things simple.




Let's face it, your online business needs all the help it can get. You're either informing people, selling a product/service, acquiring leads, or getting conversions. Rush Over is here to make that happen more frequently. We optimize the entire digital process.

For fresh startups, we understand the importance of making your first sale or acquiring your first client. Not everyone has money to throw around so we always try to hit the nail on the head while offering lower costs.

If it can be done once, it can be optimized, streamlined, and repeated many more times.

Maximize Visibility

We offer everything you need to perform a successful digital startup or optimize an existing digital model for increased traffic, sales, leads, and more.

Rush Over excels in many different fields:

  • Search Engine Optimization, permanent traffic
  • Web, App, API Development
  • Fast load time
  • Google Ads
  • Commercial Video
  • Media & Product Development

Lower Costs

We subsidize the cost of expensive technologies and services to our clients for a fraction of the cost. These include:

  • State of the art Data Center, Hardware, and Network
  • Performance Optimized Projects
  • North American and European Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
  • Email and Office Suite alternatives to: Microsoft and Gmail
  • Lower entry-gap for Product Development and/or Required Licensing
5.Cloud Secure

Website Design & Development

Software development, UI, and general digital design are the core of our services. We have built many successful and popular brands, websites, tools, integrations, apps, plugins, and API's that people depend on daily.

Development and design go a long way with how your visitors interact with your website and brand. The user experience, user interface, features, mobile accessibility, and performance are all critical factors in your exposure to potential visitors and weigh heavily on sales and the success of your offerings.


Managed Website Hosting

We provide enterprise-level web hosting at affordable rates (depending on website size). We also manage and optimize it for you. From simple local websites, to worldwide networks, private clouds, and content delivery networks (CDN), we do it all and it loads very quickly.

This allows us to source the best  hardware, technology, people, and partnerships available and do things our way. We are fully independent from silicon valley.

Email is a separate service from Web Hosting.


Email & Desktop Suite

Business email, TeamChat for project teamwork, real-time office document collaboration and online meetings. All in our secure cloud and for half the usual cost.

Each email account comes with the following:


  • @[yourdomain].com email address(es)
  • Calendar
  • Mobile sync
  • Cloud Files & Documents storage

Optional Features

  • Spreadsheets (Excel Alternative)
  • Presentations (Power Point Alternative)
  • TeamChat
  • Conferencing
  • HD Recording
  • Collaborative editing
  • Now with Dark Mode UI
16.Data File


The majority of digital business models depend on traffic from search engines as their primary and long-term method of acquiring leads, clients, sales, and distribution of information. It's pretty important because the amount of profit a business can acquire is more often relative to traffic received from search engines.

Advertising can help, but those gains can be costly for startups in most markets. The traffic gained from advertising is also not permanent and often immediately stops after advertisements have come to an end.

Our approach to search engine visibility is mix of scientific method and creative ideas that permanently increase traffic. We also incorporate the use of artificial intelligence in some of our tools to perform complex repetitive tasks, with great success. We also offer a Live Chat feature for Google My Business.

Google’s Helpful Content Update is now live and has changed how search engines see websites. Our latest SEO methods help take advantage of the newer SEO metrics to further improve your ranking.

6.Video Player

Video Production

We produce HD video advertisements, ready to market on the web. From brand, service, and product commercials, to music videos and more. We can also source and commercially-license the perfect audio combination for your videos.

For many business models video is an effective and essential means to communicate a message directly to viewers in a powerful and lasting way. Video captures the attention and emotion of your viewers and can motivate people to take action.

Our video production services show the benefits of your brand, products, and/or services in positive, modern, and meaningful ways.

We can also help manage your video advertisements on YouTube.

Live Chat + AI Support

Centralize all popular social networks and messaging platforms into one Live Chat and AI Support / Automation tool.

Enhance your sales & support by offering live chat with an optional AI-based support agent. Use an AI chat agent to help filter out repetitive support questions or provide support after-hours for your business.

Script automated response messages/actions to keywords. Let the AI respond as a convincing human support agent.

Our solution uses the most popular social networks and messaging platforms available and centralizes them all into one chat support tool with low annual fees:

We like to keep things simple. With so many social networks and communication platforms available, we know that many business owners will appreciate and benefit from a centralized live chat at an affordable annual rate.



Here to help with any questions or support you need. We are here 7 days a week with exception to certain holidays and can be reached via our website contact form. Our response times are usually within a few hours.

Need to get in touch with support or have questions for sales? Send a message.


Depending on the scope of the project we try to keep everything in under a month. Most of our standard projects are done in 2~3 weeks.

Some of our bigger projects have required over 3-6 months of development. These tend to be much bigger systems than simply displaying content or selling something.

We currently accept:

  • Credit Card
  • E-Transfers
  • PayPal

We often get our clients to the 1st page of Google but there are things to consider.

Outcome also depends on factors outside of our control such as, but not limited to: Industry/sector competition & saturation, and demand for product/services. Project sponsors that are also very involved, motivated, and knowledgeable also goes a long way.

It can be as quick as 24 hours.

It can also take up to 6 months of aggressive optimizations to achieve the best results in a very competitive and saturated industry/sector.

A website should be maintained and updated at least on a quarterly basis.

We build websites to last at least 5 years and antiquate gracefully with minimal maintenance. Our sites are built with minimal 3rd party dependencies and thus there is less chance of anything on our websites breaking or becoming compromised.

Depending on your needs and current website platform, your website may need to be rebuilt to accommodate advanced customization and features. We regularly rebuild older websites into modern websites and supercharge them with SEO for immediate ranking gains.

Rush Over Inc. does not provide TLD domain name registration. There are plans in the distant future to become a domain registrar.

If you require a domain name, we recommend the following registrars:

  • NameCheap
  • GoDaddy


Contact us with your website details and we will perform an audit on the website. We will provide our recommendations.

Yes. All projects are hosted on Managed Hosting plans for cPanel and Plesk containers running on fast SSD storage.

Each project we produce ultra lightweight on top of being completely optimized and added to a CDN (content delivery network).

We currently manage Google Ad campaigns for a select number of clients in Canada.