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Rush Over Inc.

Est 2001



Rush Over started off as a game developer and server host in 2001, with 3 online games in our portfolio. Our most popular game had over 50,000 players.

Over the years we moved away from making games. As the need for web-based automation increased, we began developing software & cloud-based systems in 2011.

We help others earn from their hobbies and ideas as successful business owners.

Visibility & sustainability



The internet is a constantly changing place and business models that do not adapt to these changes will fail to compete with the ones do. We have continued to create a loyal client partnership by putting the needs of our clients first.

We make projects lightweight so they can be easily sustained, load faster, and scale & adapt better as technology, algorithms, and standards change.

Many of our products or services are affordably priced for startups & existing businesses seeking to lower their upkeep costs.