Rush Over Inc.

Est 2001



Rush Over Inc. started off as a game developer and server host in 2001, with 3 online games in our portfolio. Our most popular game had over 50,000 registered players.

Over the years we have moved away from making games to developing software & cloud-based services that communities, industries, and trades have come to depend on. We have been successful helping others start earning from their hobbies and ideas as business owners. In all of our projects we build, we always try to make it an interesting and immersive experience.


Visibility & Sustainability

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The internet is a constantly changing place and business models that do not adapt to these changes will fail to compete with the ones do.

We have had great success in every market we have worked in:

We make projects lightweight so they can be easily sustained, load faster, and scale & adapt better as technology, algorithms, and standards change.

Many of our products or services are affordably priced for startups & existing businesses seeking to lower their upkeep costs.


Finances & Location

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Rush Over Inc. is a grass-roots company that has never received any form of funding from governments, external parties, or sponsors.

The company is 100% owned and operated out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have servers in multiple locations across North America, and content delivery networks in Canada, US, Europe, Australia, and more.