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Rush Over provides solutions to help businesses rank at the top of Google.


Get people to rush over to you.

Increase sales and leads. Experience critical market exposure.


Grow your business or idea online.

Increase visibility of your products, ideas, or services on all digital levels. Less 3rd parties, more growth.

Climb rank on search engines.

If you're informing, selling, or marketing anything, being in the top search results is pivotal to success.


Maximize ROI and squeeze the juice.

Make sure what you're putting out is seen and drive heavy hitting long-term organic traffic to your business.


Sustain with high efficiency.

Greatly reduce your annual costs for hosting, email, cloud storage, and desktop office suite software.

Design, development, marketing, and hosting.

Our services permanently increase visibility on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We’re focused on creating growth, sustainability, and success.


Stand out and engage the world with our design & development services.

We build your projects with perfect optimization scores and do the hosting for you, on powerful enterprise-class servers. Our western content delivery network allows near instantaneous load times 24/7 from anywhere in Canada, US, and Europe.

Our convenient service helps create a much lower entry-gap for startups, and much greater returns for existing businesses.

Rank on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Gibiru, and more.

Our primary goal for all products & solutions we create is to get businesses to the top of Google.

Every single project we have created is on the first page of Google in a market-critical search term. We have also created many unique tools to help website & business owners, as well as developers, with achieving these goals.

Lightweight & ultra-optimized websites on enterprise servers with world-wide CDN coverage.

We provide fully-managed hosting for your commercial project on powerful enterprise servers. This allows near instant load times 24/7 from anywhere in the Americas or Europe.

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